Maintaining exam integrity

How to Maintain Exam Integrity

Exam integrity should be paramount to all academic institutions and is a key principle that is not to be compromised. Although technological abilities preceded Covid-19, the global disease has sent the world of education in a roller coaster of changes and therefore forces academic institutions to acclimate accordingly. As students are expected to undertake assessments remotely and without the usual invigilation procedures, maintaining academic integrity has become a crucial challenge.

Maintain exam integrity

Proctoring – Automated Student Monitoring

Proctoring is defined as the ability to watch people participating in an exam in order to check that they do not cheat. The classical method usually includes a class room with students and a human proctor. As multiple academic institutions and educational online instances started promoting remote studies, online proctoring has become a required necessity. Basic online proctoring services have since surfaced in the world market, some of which embraced the most cutting-edge computational abilities to mimic a human proctor quite ambitiously.

Even though online proctoring seems to be a compromise to old customs, students experience online proctoring as favorable as they save on commuting time, choose their own favored location of sitting and have elevated levels of concentration. The benefits for many academic institutes are even greater: online proctoring eliminates the need for test centers and expensive on-site proctors. On top of that, the sense of exam integrity is increased as each student is monitored and recorded individually.

Tomax’s AI-supported Proctoring Solution

The effects of Covid-19 related governmental regulations have critically increased the demand for effective online proctoring solutions. With our proven dedication towards academic institutions, we changed our focus to become a world-leader in a single, online and comprehensive examination platform that truly answers all demands. Tomax’s online platform comprises a solution for the entire workflow starting with the secure creation of the exam, followed by exam distribution and sharing, the examination and finally the analysis of proctoring and exam results. Our online proctoring solution is dedicated to preserve and even improve the integrity of exams by utilizing cutting edge technological capabilities, most of which are based on advanced AI.

After each student identity is verified prior to the exam, students are recorded during the entire exam in a secured and locked environment. While being recorded, our comprehensive proctoring engine raises red flags for suspicious behavior, hence focussing the teacher on mainly the important and suspicious parts of the entire examination.

Our proctoring capabilities are trained to identify students’ identities, detect presence of multiple people in a room, detect verbal communication, suspicious face directions, suspicious motion and even the presence of phones. Knowing that no system is totally cheat-proof, our online proctoring solution is aimed to minimize any form of cheating by utilizing multiple cameras and analyzing the video feeds of said cameras and screen recordings.

Maintaining the exam’s integrity is pivotal to any self-respecting academic institution. It ensures the quality of learning and assessment of students. The sense for both students and teachers that their work is being respected by fair and honest participation in academy life, is paramount to any great university and college. Acquaint yourself with our novel and fully comprehensive online platform and truly maximize all examination-related experiences.

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