Students are unhappy with the level of feedback

Most of students are unhappy

70% of students are unhappy with the feedback they receive on exams and assignments, as published by the UK’s Open University.

We need to listen to our students

Impact their learning skills and levels of satisfaction.

Students’ levels of dissatisfaction with regards to the level of feedback is quite understandable. Students pay their tuition fees, study in a course, prepare for an exam, sit an exam or submit detailed assignments – and they expect to receive a bit more than just a score.

On the other hand, it is obvious that manually giving detailed and learning enhancing feedback on dozens or perhaps hundreds of papers is a daunting task.

Meet students’ expectations with:


Online Grading System

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Advanced features such as our comments bank, one click feedback, audio feedback, co-marking and many more make it so much easier and faster to give students valuable feedback.

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