How to Ensure Exam_s Integrity

How to Ensure Exam's Security

Exams play a significant part in academic life

Assessors and students invest a lot of efforts in creating and sitting exams. Given its importance and the investment made – maintaining exams’ security is vital.

Maintain exam security

Utilizing modern technologies to ensure exam data security

At its core, having question sheets flying around
the institute, either on paper or through mail, is a
process prone to errors, opening doors to
numerous security vulnerabilities and breaches.

A far better solution is to control and contain all
exam materials, communication, questions, answer sheet
and more in a secure and encrypted online environment.
By Doing so, exam administrators, professors, assessors
and students can effectively and securely work together
towards executing exams in a secure, honest and quality

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Secure & Manage Exams

Tomax’s secure solutions empowers administrators, professors and assessors to conduct all their exam related work in a secure and user friendly private cloud. It transforms the way all parties communicate with each other in a collaborative, effective and secure manner.

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