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How to test a student online for abstract sciences?

Humanity’s system of examining students’ knowledge is at least 200 years old. Testing students started out as verbally, but later on proceeded to be substituted by written testing. Now, in our technologically advanced world, slowly and steadily, academic instances are adapting towards a digital system, where exams are created, distributed and answered online. This adaptation to online platforms brings multiple advantages, spanning over a wide range of topics, ranging all the way from ease and security up to acquiring insights only computers can supply efficiently.

Test a student online for abstract sciences

Aspects of traditional examination methods

The workflow surrounding traditional examinations, is rather ineffective and prone to multiple errors. Haven’t we all heard of that one teacher that forgot the original exam in the copying machine or the loss of a student’s exam sheet from the many piles of exams? Or, don’t we all know that one student with the terrible handwriting, that only a cryptologist can read?

The security, simplicity and power of sophisticated software solves most of the problems we experience with traditional examination methods. However, each method of examination, being it verbally, written or digitized, has its perks. Verbal examination allows for assessors to apprehend the student in different ways than by written or online exams. However, one of the clear advantages of written exams, is the ability to express complex thoughts or symbols, that are not easily expressed in both verbal or online exams. Think of all the answers in mathematics, chemistry and biology. In those topics, students are regularly required to answer in a manner not possible with just a keyboard and mouse.

The Strength Lies in the Combination of Methods.

The approach we took, is actually simple, yet powerful. By installing a small app on the students phone, students are able, while being tested, to picture their answer and upload it as part of a question, seamlessly, secured and just plain simple. This critical feature of our TomaETest online platform enables the ability to test students for considerably every topic, no matter where they are. The main advantage of this possibility, is the possibility to proceed to an online platform, but preserve the clear perks of paper-written exams.

This simple feature, however, is more than just a simple feature to our employees at Tomax. It is one of our many successes in answering our customers’ every days’ needs and symbolizes our approach to find fitting and simple solutions that help our customers the most.

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