Online exams platform

Create, manage, secure and grade online exams has never been easier.
Take online exams on campus or at home using your own PC or Laptop. Create, edit, share, control, collaborate, manage, publish, invigilate and mark online exams using TomaE-Test. With it’s clever integration into the institution’s existing systems – it can exchange data with your SIS, update results, import records and much more.

Exam integrity

Remote proctoring & rigorous security

Use the Tomax exam platform to create and execute exams anytime & anywhere. With maximum exam integrity including:

Complete computer lockdown

Block access to any type of application, resources, or the internet during the exam.

Identity verification

Student identity verified with an online comparison of the student identification card and an image of the student taken during the exam.

Remote video recording-

The entire exam session captured on video for live and AI-based analysis

Artificial Intelligence proctoring engine

Video and audio analyzed for suspicious events such as detecting a second person in the room, detecting a human voice, suspicious movements, and so forth. A big saving compared to human invigilation

Live and real-time monitoring

Test owners and invigilators can manage and monitor exam progress, access to exams, authorize test-takers, create and edit integrity score and more

Other security measures

One time password, encryption, SSL, fully secured AWS cloud.

How TomaEtest Can Help YOU!

Combined Shape


Improve satisfaction

Improved learning process

Reduce waiting periods

Ensures unified grading

Enables online review requests

Combined Shape


Collaborate & share knowledge

Improved assessment quality

Gain valuable teaching, learning and assessing insights

Simple and secure access from anywhere

Shortens review time

Saves travel time & costs


Universities & Colleges

Manage the process on a single platform

Reduces administration costs

Online monitoring of all stages of the process

Maintain exam integrity

Increases student satisfaction

Getting Started is SO Simple


professor creates online exams with Tomax’s advanced exam editor and designs the exam privacy & integrity settings


Students take the exam in campus or at home


Professors and invigilators manage the exam online, change exam proctoring settings, add time, and many other features 

What Happy Clients Are Saying

Mr. Shai Cohen

CTO, Ashkelon Academic College

From day one we received positive feedback’s from TomaGrade’s users. Instructors enjoy using the system and the innovative tools offered in it.

Mr. Benny Alon

CEO, The Academic College Of Tel Aviv Jaffa

Whenever a faculty member or a student is having a problem they receive an immediate response from Tomax support team.

Mr. Arye Arzi

VP Students, Bar-Ilan University

TomaGrade is fully adapted to the university’s needs. We like the innovation that TomaGrade brings to our institution.