Student Privacy

Dear test takers,
Tomax cares about your privacy!

As part of our platform solutions we might collect personal information on our test takers such as photos and video recording.

You can learn more about our privacy in the following link:

It’s important for us to emphasize the following topics:

1. Data security
All Tomax’s data is stored and archived on Amazon Cloud as part of our secured environment, trafficking of all data is performed in a similarly secured way. We’re Iso 27001/27017/9001 certified and committed to country-specific regulations to ensure a high standard, allowing our customers to be assured of all data-related privacy.

2. Data Collection & Usage
As part of Tomax’s system we collect data belonging to our clients (institutions/Organizations) . We only collect data if agreed upon and we ensure our clients know what data is collected and for what usage. As part of our ethics code in Tomax, we make sure to only collect essential data and delete whatever is irrelevant. Any client-related metadata is strictly used for internal and professional usages to improve our system and will not be used for any other reason whatsoever.
To ensure client satisfaction, data storage is performed according to our customers’ preferences and can be modified immediately if desired.

3. Honest use of Collected Data
Some of our system collect sensitive data, such as photos and videos and ID numbers and names. We are well aware of the sensitivity of this data and handle it with extreme caution. Not only is the data stored only in secured environments, accessible to permitted people only, but the data obtained is used strictly for goals agreed upon by the client and any metadata created is used solely for improving our system and engines. Needless to say, but all obtained data shall not be sold or given for use to third parties.

4. Accessibility
As mentioned above, all of our data is stored in secured environments. We respect our customers’ privacy by permitting only employees with legitimate reason to access these files, as well as providing access to authorized staff inside institutions.

5. We take pride in our transparency!
Transparency is one of the many valuable principles we have in our company. We believe transparency is a must for a healthy business-to-client relationship that creates trust and understanding. We are proud of what we do and have every good reason to fully communicate all of our doings with our clients.